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  • 2020-12-22 - 10:24 AM
    SMS newsletter from IntisTele

    SMS newsletter from IntisTele - фотография

    You can send sms messages with an offer to sell these products or services through the intistele SMS platform. Thus, the received sms notifications, as recipients, we can read in our free time or quickly look at the phone without interrupting the previous activity. Sms Ads are not always Intrusive, like pop-up ads appearing on websites. Sms Advertising SMS aggregator software is definitely the best solution in this case.

    Advantages of SMS mailings

    Messages to customers don't take up much space in your phone's memory, so we don't have to worry about them overloading your Inbox. We can read or delete the received messages in our free time if we do not like the services or products offered in them. advertising messages of the Pro type, that is, messages sent with the appropriate sender name chosen by the client;

    • 2-way SMS, which is characterized by the possibility of placing a response by the addressee;
    • Sending MMS, allowing you to upload different types of photos or graphics, which certainly makes the transmitted advertising content more attractive;
    •  to optimize the cost of bulk sms sending, you can use the Eco offer, that is, the cheapest option, which differs in sending messages from a random, 9-digit number;
    • an interesting solution is also the bulk sending of sms type Voice, also called VMS, that is, audio-transmitted content delivered to both mobile and sound phones;
    • messages of the Flash or Fast type; the first type is a mass sms, which is automatically displayed on the phone screen when the recipient receives it; fast messages are characterized by the possibility of priority and faster access to specific people;
    • IntisTele's offer also includes mass SMS global mailings, which can be sent to all countries of the world and, in addition, at attractive prices.

    IntisTele has been conducting sms advertising campaigns for companies for many years, and thanks to the right experience, it can guarantee a very high efficiency of this kind of activity.

    Expert recommendations

    On his account, numerous actions in the field of sms marketing, successful thanks to a well-chosen service and the consequences in its implementation. IntisTele works with both small and large companies, individually developing an action strategy and campaign for each client, based on their needs and expectations. A campaign, also called an “Sms newsletter", can take several forms, depending on the capabilities and expected effects that the client determines.

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    You can send sms messages with an offer to sell these products or services through the intistele ...

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